Contact:   310.493.6380 / 310.418.4361
Special Skills: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming - ability - general, Fluent Spanish
Additional Attributes: 
Height: 4 ft. 9 in., Weight: 99 lbs., Honey Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Union Status:NON-UNION
The Neighbors Featured - Soccer Player Disney/ABC
Weeds Supporting - Cable TV Show Lions Gate Television, Tilted
Adrianna's Insruance Commerical Lead Boy Exacto Marketing Prod.
Let Your Light Shine Lead 'Hero Boy' - Music Video Amity Pictures, Inc.
Rachel Ray Vs. Guy Celebrity Cookoff Supporting - Cable TV Cooking Show Jane St. Entertainment
Proctor & Gamble/Downey Commericial PSA-Featured/Supporting for the Olympics Cinemat Inc/Telemundo
Camp Fred Supporting - Feature Film Nickolodeon
Lego Batman Documentary Featured - Promo for Movie Amity Pictures, Inc.
'Get Your Luv On' Actor - Speaking/Reality - TV upcoming CBS/Directed by Dyan Cannon
Documentary of Psychiatry Lead Boy -' Jaeden' Golden Era Productions
Monster & Me Supporting - Feature Film Magic Elevator Prod.
Bad Father Friend #1 - Featured - Short Film Eccentric Productions
Detained In The Desert Supporting - Feature Film Director Josefina Lopez
Shushybyes Christmas Movie Supporting - Feature Film Factory& Films & Vails Prod.
Mobster Kids Featured - Feature Film Magic Elevator Prod.
The Catch Featured Allen Kotler & Rico Simonini
Tata Communications Spec Commercial Supporting Mofilms, Inc.- Brian Katz
World of Warcraft #3 - Actor Cable TV Show filmed w/William Shatner Toronto Film Co.
Paint Supporting Short Film - Biola University
Too Much Faith - Wealthy Minds Supporting - Music Video Carlos Ramos Jr.
Cheverolet Competition Commercial Featured Extra - for the Olympics Thrillhouse Productions/Maples
Starburst Spec Commercial Lead Biola University Film Academy
Kids On The Porch Actor - Web Series Brick St. Entertainment
Katrina Actor - Extra Film School
The Class Actor - Extra Art Institute of California
Roland HD-3 ad Model Mag ad, website, & Ipad app
Straight ‘A’ student Special Skills: Bilingual – speaks Spanish and English 6 months piano lessons Soccer, swimming, diving, bike riding, mini-motorcycle riding, jump rope, climbing, hiking, running, building rockets and models, and much more. Sizes: Height – 4' 9" Weight – 99 lbs [email protected]